KFC Krushems® ­


Product Designer: Feb 2018 - Feb 2021

As part of a large brand relaunch, Faerch were approached by KFC to redesign their sides and drinks range - this involved concepts for their beans, gravy, coleslaw, ice creams and Krushems® pots.

Part of the identity update was to add authenticity and make their products more ‘Instagram-able’. Within the design team, I focused on the concept development of the Krushems® pots, inspired by authentic American diners and contemporary textures.

I presented these to the client, with very positive feedback. An amalgamation of the initial concepts has lead to the development and approval of a statement pot that has a twisted pattern in the body, following the same direction of their ice cream dispensers, and a lid with an angled cut out for the straw (pot no. 4). The overall pot creates an iconic image, perfect for a side-on photo by the consumer.

To minimise costs, the pots and lids have been designed and prototyped within existing tool sizes, with new inserts instead. The pots will be rolled out in late 2019.

Pot no. 4 has been approved, prototyped and is now in production (summer 2019).

A physical prototype can be presented upon request.